Michael Tomren, CFP® CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional

Striving to achieve your dreams takes effort and energy which leaves very little time for wealth management. Michael Tomren and his team can take that responsibility off your hands while helping you strive to achieve your goals. Our independence and proactive management is all about helping you save time and worry. We are convinced that you will enjoy our personalized approach to wealth accumulation, wealth preservation and wealth distribution. Please contact us for a no-obligation initial consultation to see our personal approach for yourself.

Our firm provides advice in the following areas:

* Financial Plans for Accumulation of Wealth

* Financial Plans for Retirement Income Planning

* Mutual Funds,  ETF's, UIT's and Stock

* Insurance including Term, Universal and Whole Life

* IRA accounts and 401k Rollover

* Annuities including Fixed Annuity & Variable Annuity types

* Wealth Preservation and Asset Transfer to your heirs


Area of Specialty: 

Michael Tomren is an expert in the area of AT&T employee and retirement benefits and many other services relating to AT&T pension plan, AT&T 401k, AT&T rollover and the AT&T health plan. This includes SBC, PacBell, Legacy T, Qwest and Amdocs plans.


Michael Tomren, FSC Securities Corporation and The Retirement Group are not affiliated, endorsed nor employed by  the companies listed here which includes but is not limited to  AT&T, AT&T Pension Plan, AT&T 401k, AT&T rollover, AT&T Health plan, SBC, PacBell, Legacy T, Qwest and Amdocs plan.  Michael Tomren is an independent financial advisor that specializes in retirement transition planning.